Why are you getting emails from me?

You may be wondering who I am and how you ended up on my email list. Hopefully this page will help you figure it out and help you understand how to get the most out of this site and the emails you receive.

Who am I?

I am Brian Stenzler, MS, DC, the co-founder of DREAM Wellness. I practiced pediatric and family wellness chiropractic in my wellness centers, DREAM Wellness, since 1998; first on Long Island, NY (Great Neck) for eight years, then in San Diego, CA (Del Mar, Pacific Beach and Santee) for fifteen years.

In 2021, I published the best-selling book, DREAM Wellness: The 5 Keys to Raising Kids for a Lifetime of Physical and Mental Health. I currently reside in Bradenton, FL and I spend my time helping families raise healthy children, naturally. I do this through my blog posts, media appearances, podcast interviews, connecting the public with appropriate On-demand wellness courses, corporate wellness consulting, speaking engagements and much more.

I am currently the VP of Operations for KnoWEwell, an online health Hub that connects holistically oriented health and wellness experts/providers as well as those in safe & sustainable agriculture, with the general public who want to learn, heal and stay well. We do this through online courses, search and match to find providers, live & recorded webcasts, over 200 online community forums and so much more.

To read my complete bio, click here.

How did you get here?

While I may not know exactly how you got here, I can tell you that I NEVER purchase names to become part of our community. Here are some ways you may have ended up here:

  • You took The DREAM Score Lifestyle Assessment Tool
  • You received at least one service from a DREAM Wellness center in New York or San Diego at some point in the past two decades. (Chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, massage therapy, nutrition, life coaching, relationship consulting, personal training / fitness, wellness workshops, etc.)
  • You downloaded a bonus item (guide, eBook, etc…) from one of our websites or a partner’s website.
  • You subscribed to one of our blog sites (currently Wellness Wikis).
  • You met me at a book signing, speaking engagement, on an airplane or event somewhere and in some way asked how you can stay in touch.
  • You’re one of my friends or family members and should know who I am, dang it!

As you can see, there are many ways you may have ended up on this list… but one thing is for sure, if you’re on it, we were connected in some way. Hopefully one of these jogs your memory.

Even if you can’t track down how you ended up here, hopefully my emails provide you with enough value that you will want to remain part of our community. If not, it’s easy to unsubscribe at any time, as every single email I send has an unsubscribe button.

About the emails and blogsite

First and foremost, I want you to know that I will only send you messages when I have something to share that I believe will improve the quality of your life. I typically send out a Wellness Wiki blog post each month (usually on Wednesdays) and you will know it’s a blog post by the {Wellness Wiki} in the title of the email. The posts will also be found on this website, and when appropriate, there will be an audio and video version of the post as well. Many of the posts are for parents raising children, but not all. When I send an email specifically for these parents, I typically have an opt-out of future parenting emails, so if you don’t want those, make sure you complete that poll. Feel free to share the posts with friends and family when you love them. I also enjoy giving gifts to those engaged in this community.

When I send you a message without {Wellness Wikis} in the title, it is likely an informational email that may direct you to something that I am working on either on my own or with a partner of some sort. Most of the time when I send information regarding someone else, I am doing it with the sole purpose that I believe it will help you and/or your family. Every now and then I may receive an affiliate commission (not always monetary) for introducing you to certain partners, but please know that I would never partner with someone without believing it would be in your best interest. You can rest assured that whether I am receiving any form of compensation or not, I will not intentionally waste your time (or mine sending a message) on something that will not be of tremendous value. (Click here to read my disclaimers regarding healthcare advice and affiliate relationships.)

Because you are likely new to our community, you will probably want to catch up on previous Wellness Wikis, so please click the Blog Posts tab above and get caught up on the posts that interest you most.