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By Brian A. Stenzler, M.Sc, D.C.

End Picky Eating… How to get your kids to eat what you prepare them, and have them happy about it.

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In this week’s Wellness Wiki, Dr. Brian Stenzler interviews picky eating expert Katie Kimball. Katie, a two-time TedX speaker and mom of four, started Kitchen Stewardship and Kids Cook Real Food products, and has been helping parents by getting kids to “eat what they make” since 2016.

Katie has a FREE 5 day End Picky Eating Challenge that begins on February 23, 2022. If you are reading this blog / watching this video after 2/23/22, do not fret! Katie runs this challenge two times per year. So use the same link below and you will be on the waitlist for the next live challenge!

With your 5 day commitment of 30 minutes for each of those days (with replay options if you can’t catch it live), you will see your family dynamics transform and have happier, better nourished children! Click here to register for the FREE challenge.

During this interview, Dr. Stenzler and Katie cover a bunch of topics related to picky eating and answer four questions that many parents have:

1) My 4 year old seems to eat great at breakfast and usually lunch, but dinner is a disaster! She won’t touch what I serve. What am I doing wrong?

2) My son used to love veggies and will not eat them anymore – what can I do?

3) My son is an extremely stubborn picky eater and doesn’t like to try anything new, even if it is a variation of one of the foods he currently eats.

4) My teen lives on carbs and I can’t get him to break the habit. Any suggestions?

Enjoy the video and be sure to sign up for the challenge! If you’re not currently raising children, pass this on to someone who is!

If you love this Wellness Wiki, please share it!

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