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Betrayal can come in countless forms. Sadly, most people at some point in life have been betrayed, and likely betrayed someone else (willingly or unintentionally). Whether the betrayal was physical / emotional abuse, infidelity, lying or even just mismanaging expectations, those betrayals often shape who we are and how we navigate the remainder of our time on this planet.

My friend Dr. Debi Silber started the PBT Institute many years ago, which specializes in helping men and women heal from previous betrayals. Aside from her books, programs, coaching and classes, Dr. Silber also has a podcast to serve and grow her community, of which I was fortunate to have been interviewed on recently.

During this 30 minute interview, I get very personal and talk about my experiences with previous relationships and betrayal, and how I was introduced to the Ultimate Life Tool (ULT) assessment. This tool eventually helped me become the best version of myself, as well as be a great husband, dad, friend, employer and healthcare provider (if I must say so myself). I also go into great detail as to what the assessment reveals and how my wife Brooke uses it to help individuals, couples, families and businesses.

I hope you enjoy listening, and please share this podcast interview and PBT Institute’s resources with a friend or family member who may be suffering needlessly from the impact of a previous betrayal.

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If you love this Wellness Wiki, please share it!

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